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Grant Amount: UP TO $150K PA FOR UP TO 5 YRS
Deadline: Dean's: Contact your Faculty Research Office for deadline details.
Internal: Dec 30, 2011
Sponsor's: Jan 06, 2012

Subject Areas: HIV/AIDS

The OHTN Applied HIV Research Chair was developed to help realize the mission of the OHTN : to improve the health and well-being of people living with and at risk of HIV in Ontario through a network that promotes research and evidence to drive change. The OHTN will only provide salary support that is directly used to expand existing research time and workload. The OHTN will not provide funding for researchers who have tenured research positions, or those who have salary support for research from other sources.

Community engagement in HIV research is viewed by the OHTN as an essential mechanism to ensuring that research is relevant to community needs. The funding policy Funding Research with Real-Life Impact reinvigorates the OHTN?s commitment to meaningfully engage community members throughout the research process.

Application Details: The Chair award will provide salary support for an Ontario-based researcher, and also includes support for one or more mentees - academic trainees and/or community members- that the Chair will mentor. To be eligible for the OHTN Applied HIV Research Chair award, the applicant must be: At least 5 years post-PhD or MD at the time of the start of the award; Proposing and engaged in research that focuses on or significantly impacts one or more of the populations most affected by HIV in Ontario.Applicants will complete and submit their application using the OHTN?s web-based Grants Application Manager. Please see guidelines for greater detail. A Host Institution Letter of Support should also be provided, indicating the applicant?s suitability for the Chair award, and the enhanced research capacity it will bring to the department and/or institution. The Letter should also articulate how the applicant?s research fits into the overall goals of the department and/or institution.
NOTE: All Letters of Intent and Full Applications must be processed through Research Development & Services for institutional approval. Requests for Institutional approvals should be received no less than 3 days prior to the posted Sponsor deadline. A ROLA Proposal (bearing applicant, Chair and Dean electronic approvals) is required for each submission.
Western Contacts: Russelo,Theresa M

Sponsor Contacts:

1300 Yonge Street
Suite 308
TORONTO, Ontario, Canada
416 642-6468