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Deadline: Dean's: Contact your Faculty Research Office for deadline details.
Internal: Jun 08, 2012
Sponsor's: Jun 15, 2012

Subject Areas: Infrastructure Support

This is a special program funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation. For more information on this program, please contact RD&S : Antoinette Martin at x 8-4620. Each institution is responsible for deciding how their funds will be divided among projects eligible to receive IOF. Institutions can distribute their IOF allocation based on actual operating and maintenance needs, as opposed to allocating the exact amount to the project that generated it. This offers institutions maximum flexibility to support projects with different needs and scope, while ensuring accountability.

Only those who have been invited to apply for this, may submit an application. Please contact RDS for further information.

Application Details: An institution's IOF allocation is based on the finalized CFI contribution for eligible projects. All CFI projects approved after July 1, 2001, are eligible to receive IOF, with the exception of projects funded under the Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Fund and the international funds. All eligible projects generate an IOF allocation of 30 percent of the total finalized CFI contribution.
NOTE: All Letters of Intent and Full Applications must be processed through Research Development & Services for institutional approval. Requests for Institutional approvals should be received no less than 3 days prior to the posted Sponsor deadline. A ROLA Proposal (bearing applicant, Chair and Dean electronic approvals) is required for each submission.
Western Contacts: Martin,Antoinette

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230 Queen Street
Suite 450
OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada
613 947-6496