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Grant Amount: $75,000
Deadline: Dean's: Contact your Faculty Research Office for deadline details.
Internal: May 21, 2010
Sponsor's: May 28, 2010

Subject Areas: Planetary Exploration, Space Exploration, Astrobiology, Space Flight Operations Processes, Crew Health, Space Medicine

The Canadian Space Agency has a mandate to increase knowledge of space through science and technology development. Field investigations are an important element of that mandate as it applies to the development of expertise, capacity, and techniques, the exploration of other planets and the Moon. Field studies help develop science questions, requirements, and expertise for future planetary exploration missions, and can be essential in developing knowledge of planetary processes from data returned by current and past missions. Eligible projects submitted in response to this AO must have been awarded funding through a CSA Canadian Analogue Research Network grant in the past 3 years.

Eligible projects submitted in response to this AO must relate to the Canadian Space Strategy (CSS) and/or Mobilizing Science and Technology to Canada's Advantage. Eligible projects must be directly related to science and technology field investigations and address the objectives defined in Section 1.1.

Application Details:

This AO aims at providing grant funding to R&D projects directly related to current CSA programmatic priorities. Under this AO, the CSA will be concentrating on providing grants for activities related to scientific and technical field investigations at sites on Earth that have geological and geomorphological similarities with those found on Mars, moon and other planetary bodies. This AO targets specifically activities contributing to further developing knowledge acquired through peer-reviewed projects in the fields of astrobiology, planetary sciences, space medicine, crew health and/or space flight operations processes.

Applications must include the following: A completed typed original Application Form signed by the Duly Authorized Signatory. An acceptable electronic device (memory stick, USB key, CD, memory card etc.) containing the proposal (identical to the signed paper copy) . Curriculum vitae for the Principal Investigator (4 pages maximum) and all Co-Investigators and Collaborators (2 pages maximum) listed in the proposal. Letters from other funding contributors confirming their support (if applicable). Three hard copies of the Application Form and curriculum vita must be received at the address below by 16:00 EDT on May 28, 2010. Original signatures are required on at least one Application Form. A CD-ROM with the electronic versions of the Application Form and all CV's must be submitted with the hard copies. Any extra material on the CD-ROM that is not included in the hard copy will not be considered.


NOTE: Letters of Intent and Full Applications are to be processed through Research Development Services for institutional signatures, and are to be accompanied by a completed RDAF form (bearing applicant, Chair and Dean signatures). Requests for Institutional signatures should be received no less than 3 days prior to the posted Sponsor deadline.
Western Contacts: Pocock,Katy
Russelo,Theresa M

Sponsor Contacts:

P.O. BOX 7275
VANIER, Ontario, Canada
613 990-0790