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Grant Amount: $5000 OR $10,000
Deadline: Dean's: Contact your Faculty Research Office for deadline details.
Internal: Mar 15, 2024
Sponsor's: Mar 22, 2024

Subject Areas:

Western Research Excellence Awards enable us to recognize and celebrate Western faculty members at all career stages for exceptional achievements in research, scholarship and/or creative activity. We recognize the responsibility and potential for research to significantly contribute to a more equitable, just and inclusive society; therefore, these awards embed advancement of equity, diversity, inclusion, decolinization and accessibility (EDIDA) in the research ecosystem as a central area of celebration.

Three categories of awards are offered: OUTSTANDING EMERGING SCHOLAR recognizes faculty members at the Assistant Professor level who have demonstrated meaningful and impactful research, scholarly accomplishments, and/or creative activity in the early stages of their career. OUTSTANDING SCHOLAR recognizes faculty members at the Associate Professor level who have produced exceptional research, scholarly, and/or creative contributions. OUTSTANDING LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT recognizes faculty members at the full Professor level who are world-class scholars with a substantial body of work. Please see the guidelines for full details.

Application Details: Each Faculty or School may submit up to one nomination in each of the three award categories. Internal selection procedures must integrate consideration of EDIDA, knowledge exchange, and impact.Nominations must be received by Western Research by 5 pm March 22, 2024. Each nomination file must be compiled into one .pdf document and emailed directly to rwprizes@uwo.ca.

NOTE: All research-related grant applications, letters of intent, contracts and agreements requiring an institutional or organizational signature must submit related documents to the Office of Research Services for review and approval. Requests for institutional signature should be received a minimum of five to ten business days before the posted Sponsor deadline. Please see Western Research's website regarding the institutional signatory process for more details. Specific opportunities may have their own timelines and requirements for submissions. A ROLA Proposal submitted by the PI and bearing department and faculty approvals is required.
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