Bell-Western 5G Research Grant

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Bell Canada and Western are partnering to establish a national centre for research development of 5G networks. This centre will engage the strengths and research expertise at Western in the areas of 5G capacity planning and small cell deployment, intelligent 5G management and operations, disruptive applications of 5G, QoS and QoE provisioning, smart cities planning and infrastructure, mental health and wellbeing, and policy development. Targeted research themes may adapt over time, but current priority research will focus on the following:

  • Cost-Effective Deployment of 5G Small Cells
  • Smart 5G Capacity Planning
  • Operational Cost Reduction through Intelligent 5G Management
  • Additional Revenue Generation from Disruptive Applications of 5G: Industry IoT/Smart City/UAV/AR/VR
  • Diverse QoS and QoE Provisioning for Customer Satisfaction Improvement
  • Edge Computing
  • Battery consumption in 5G networks (handsets or 5G towers)
  • Student Mental Health

Award amount

  • Western has provided a total of $500,000 to support projects
  • Amounts awarded to each project will vary and opportunities seeking to leverage this support are encouraged to expand the research opportunity
  • Funded projects must be completed in accordance with the agreed-upon milestones and timelines
  • The award is contingent on a signed research agreement with Bell Canada
  • Unspent funds will be returned upon completion of the project

Program timeline and deadlines

  • Proposals will be received continuously and evaluated every three months
  • Start dates will begin at the time of award notification
  • All grants will be available for a period of up to one year


  • This funding opportunity is open to researchers in all disciplines and faculties
  • Projects require a lead Principal Investigator who is eligible to hold grants at Western
  • Inclusion of early career researchers (<10 years since first independent academic appointment) is encouraged, but is not a requirement for funding
  • A lead PI may only submit and hold only one application at a time

Guidelines and application process

Final reporting

  • Within two months of the termination of the award, awardees must submit a final report to Research Western Internal Grants.


Please direct any questions to