Telling Western's Research Story

Alzheimers Research story

Against the Dying Light

Alzheimer's is the only disease, among the Top 10 causes of death in Canada, that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed. At Western, researchers are working across the spectrum of dementias - from the cellular level, to caregiver support to big questions about end of life. Told through our faculty, students, staff and community partners, Against The Dying Light shows how we are all impacted by this deadly disease.

Concussion Research story

Total Impact

More than 160,000 Canadians suffer concussions each year, half of which are sports-related. There is currently no cure for concussion, and no concussion is the same.

Total Impact tells the stories of their work and of those affected by concussion – people like 10-year-old Sheldon Geerts, who is just one concussion away from being sidelined for life from the sports he loves.

End of Violence Research story

Breaking the Uncomfortable Silence

Dawn and Ed Novak’s daughter was in a violent relationship. Many saw the signs – no one spoke up. Natalie, a 20-year-old university student, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. The Novaks are breaking the silence surrounding domestic violence. And an interdisciplinary team of researchers at Western is using education to prevent this violence from happening to others.

Building Resilience Research story

Building Resilience

As climate change increases, so will the frequency and strength of severe wind events. Western researchers have identified cost-effective measures to build more resilient homes.

Building Resilience presents the work of Western University professor Greg Kopp and his goal to keep people safe from tornadoes and hurricanes in affordable homes.