Signature Research Areas | Global Health Equity & Social Innovation

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Contributing faculties and schools: Health Sciences, Education, Information & Media Studies, Social Science, Ivey Business School, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

CRHESI: More than 15 local community organization partners

CREVAWC: Coordinated the first national Canadian study on the impacts of domestic violence on workers and the workplace

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry: International & Health Equity Program


As a social, political and economic problem that affects people, communities, nation-states and broader societies, rising inequity may be one of the most pressing challenges we face. Disparities in health status are an immediate manifestation of rising inequity.

The concepts of health equity and social inclusion have long cut across the work of many faculties at Western and community service organizations in London and abroad. By partnering, we have advanced important research with and for those who have experienced vulnerability and marginalization. Today, we reach deeply into our local community and extend our partnerships around the world, developing social innovation for mental health issues, driving sustainability and social entrepreneurship efforts and advancing efforts to better understand the inter-generational impact of trauma and violence – at home and abroad.

Key Research Initiatives

Centre for Research on Health Equity & Social Inclusion

CRHESI is an interdisciplinary, collaborative initiative led by Western's Faculty of Health Sciences. The concepts of health equity and social inclusion cut across the work of many faculties and community service organizations within Western University and the London not-for-profit sector respectively. CRHESI strives to provide a forum for research-enabled, synergistic and catalytic change for London and surrounding areas.

Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children

CREVAWC is committed to the development and application of knowledge for the prevention of violence against women and children through promoting innovation, collaboration and equality. Since 1992, CREVAWC has led many groundbreaking policy and legislative changes related to domestic violence, child protection, child custody and labour employment standards.

Health Equity in Context: Local Solutions for Global Problems

This Western-funded interdisciplinary development initiative is a partnership with the Rwanda Psychological Society. It aims to develop cross-national education and research opportunities related to local and global health equity and pre- and post-migration trauma and health. The initiative is also developing global and local knowledge mobilization pathways to bilaterally address health inequities.

The Africa Institute

The Africa Institute was established to promote and facilitate the research being done by researchers at Western in Africa. Western University is home to nearly 100 faculty researchers and 100 graduate and postdoctoral researchers whose primary focus is Africa, in diverse fields including waste management, ecosystem health, health policy, gender studies, linguistics, refugee studies, and transitional justice. Western’s staff, faculty, and students have a strong history of involvement with the African continent, through volunteer programs and academic exchange programs.

Gender, Trauma & Violence Knowledge Incubator

Arising from an identified need for community-based training for trauma- and violence-informed care, the Gender, Trauma & Violence Knowledge Incubator is a collective of researchers, community service leaders, educators and trainees committed to gender, trauma and violence research, policy and practice.