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Research Western Staff Awards


Milestone Awards

At the annual holiday party, Research Western will offer a token of appreciation that recognizes individuals' years of service within the portfolio for increments of five years.

Peer-to-Peer Award

Research Western's Peer-to-Peer Award is an annual internal award designed to acknowledge a colleague's achievements within the portfolio over the past year, and to foster a culture that recognizes and celebrates success. It is an opportunity to highlight specific, outstanding accomplishments or process innovations that have contributed to the overall success of supports and services Research Western has to offer the research community.

Examples of achievements that can be nominated:


All staff members within the Research Western portfolio are eligible to be nominated for the Peer-to-Peer Award, including members of the leadership team, regardless of their length of service to Research Western.


Any staff member within Research Western's portfolio may nominate a colleague for the Peer-to-Peer Award. Self-nominations are not accepted, and any member of the Internal Awards Committee nominated for this award must recuse him/herself from the committee.

Nomination Process

Complete the following online form to nominate a colleague for the inaugural Peer-to-Peer Award.

To complete the application, you must include a co-nominator and consider:

Selection Process

All complete nominations will be reviewed in detail by the Internal Awards Committee. Committee members include one individual from each of Research Western's units, and the Administrative Officer, RDSE. Nominations are kept confidential, unless permission is granted by both nominator/nominee.

The decision of the Internal Awards Committee is final.

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