Senior Leadership

Vice-President (Research)

VP Dr. John CaponeJohn Capone

John Capone has been appointed to a five-year term as Western's Vice-President (Research), effective October 1, 2012.

Recognized as one of Canada's foremost molecular biologists, John came to Western following two terms as Dean of Science at McMaster University, where he held progressively senior academic positions since joining its faculty in 1986. From 1983 to 1986, he was a Medical Research Council of Canada Centennial Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

John holds a bachelor degree in Biochemistry from Western (1978) and a PhD from McMaster University (1983).

Associate Vice-President (Research)

Mark DaleyMark Daley

Mark Daley is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science, Biology, and Statistics & Actuarial Science Departments, a Principal investigator at the Brain and Mind Institute, holds a SHARCNET Research Chair in biocomputing and and is the chairman of the board of directors of Compute Ontario. Mark also holds an adjunct appointment in the computer science department at the University of Saskatchewan.

Mark is a mathematician and theoretical computer scientist by training and spent his early career contributing to both the theoretical foundations of computing and to the formal mathematical modelling of biological processes. In 2011, Mark took an education leave to pursue a master’s degree in neuroscience and has since expanded his research endeavours to include data-driven mathematical modelling in neuroimaging and computational physiology.

Mark has a strong relationship with IBM in which he has led a high profile research initiative applying realtime streaming analytics, based on IBM’s Infosphere Streams technology, to the network analysis of fMRI data. Mark has also been involved in accelerating MR motion correction using Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and has a working relationship with IBM’s Austin and TJ Watson labs.

In 2013, Mark was chosen as one of the inaugural University of Toronto Science Leadership Fellows and has been active in both public science policy (as a member of the Ottawa-based Partnership Group for Science & Engineering), the management and governance of high-performance computing in Canada and as a contributor to steering computational biology and bioinformatics funding programs at Genome Canada.

Associate Vice-President (Research)

Juan Luis SuárezJuan Luis Suárez

At Western since 1999, Juan Luis Suárez is a full professor holding joint appointments in the departments of Modern Languages and Literatures, and Computer Science.

Juan Luis obtained a PhD in Hispanic Studies from McGill University, a PhD in Philosophy from Universidad de Salamanca and holds several other advanced degrees, including an Executive MBA.

An internationally recognized scholar in his field, Juan Luis’s research interests include 16th and 17th century globalization, current sectors affected by digital innovation, cultural analytics and digital humanities. He currently directs the CulturePlex Laboratory, which helps explore how culture affects the spread of ideas and changes the ways people think and behave.

Juan Luis is a creative, multidisciplinary collaborator who has established extensive and wide-ranging international connections. Much of his multidisciplinary work involves using big data analytics, digital innovation and engagement with companies and organizations to help them better understand and adjust to the digital world.

He is also an entrepreneur, having developed software tools for creative industries and co-founded Milao Language, a language learning startup.