Institutional Quality Assurance Process


  1. Proposals for new programs are developed by the department
  2. Consultations with all partners is carried out and signed off
  3. Proposal is submitted to SUPR-U committee (Form for Proposal of New Programs)
  4. SUPR-U Committee will review to confirm a program is new - then request an External Review
  5. SUPR-U will appoint an Internal Reviewer and the department will provide a list names of proposed External Consultants to the Chair SUPR-U along with dates the department is available for a full day on-site review
  6. External consultants are selected by the Chair of SUPR-U and the Office of the VP(AP&S) and along with the deparmtent will arrange the on-site visit.
  7. The External Consultants will have 2 weeks from their visit to prepare and submit their report to the Chair SUPR-U (External Consultants Report Template)
  8. The Report is sent to the department for a response and the report and response go to the Internal Reviewer or in the case of the Affiliated Colleges to the Academic Dean for a Summary Report (Final Assessment Report) to SUPR-U
  9. SUPR-U makes a recommendation to Senate Committee on Academic Policy and Awards (SCAPA )
  10. If approved at SCAPA, it's then on to Senate and Quality Council