Institutional Quality Assurance Process

The Review Committee

All members of the review team will be at “arm’s length” from the program under review. The Chair of SUPR-U, in consultation with the Provost, will evaluate the potential for conflict of interest.

The Chair of SUPR-U will appoint the internal reviewers. For undergraduate program reviews, the faculty member internal reviewer will be a member of SUPR-U. Student members of the review teams will be selected from a list of student volunteers and student members of SUPR-U.

The Chair of SUPR-U will select the external consultants from the list of potential consultants provided by the program. 

All members of the Review Team will receive the program’s self-study. In addition, they will be provided with a volume containing the CVs of all of the full-time faculty members in the program under review.

The Chair of SUPR-U has the responsibility to ensure that the Review Team will:

These expectations will be shared with the Review Team in the form of written instructions and through face-to-face meetings.