Institutional Quality Assurance Process Institutional Quality Assurance Process

Cyclical Program Reviews - Undergraduate

The Provost and Vice-President (Academic) supported by the Vice-Provost (Academic Programs) is responsible for Cyclical Program Reviews and for reporting their outcomes to the Quality Council (QC). 

Principal Components of the Review:

  1. Departmental Self Study
  2. The Review Committee
  3. The On-site Review
  4. Evaluation Criteria
  5. Institutional Evaluation (from External Consultants' Report to SUPR-U, SCAPA, Senate and Quality Council)
  6. Annual Planning Process


Accreditation Reviews

Although cyclical program reviews may be scheduled to coincide with accreditation reviews, accreditation reviews will not take the place of cyclical reviews. A cyclical program review will normally be conducted in addition to the accreditation review to ensure full consideration of all aspects of the cyclical review.