Institutional Quality Assurance Process Institutional Quality Assurance Process

Quality Council Audit Process

Once every eight (8) years, Western will participate in an audit to determine whether or not the institution, within the review cycle, has acted in compliance with the provisions of its IQAP as ratified by the QC.

No fewer than three auditors, selected by the Executive Director of the QC, will conduct an institutional audit. Typically four undergraduate and four graduate program reviews will be selected for audit. At least one of the undergraduate programs and one of the graduate programs will be a New Program or Major Modifications to an Existing Program approved within the period since the previous audit. The audit cannot reverse the approval of a program to commence.

The audit will be comprised of a desk audit and on-site visit over two to three days as needed. The auditors will prepare a report that will make suggestions and recommendations and, where appropriate, identify causes for concern. A summary of the auditors’ findings, together with a record of the recommendations, will be published on the QC’s website and communicated to Western for publication on its website.

Within one (1) year of receiving the final auditors’ report, Western will report to the QC on steps taken to address the recommendations. In consultation with the auditors, the QC reserves the right to recommend a course of action if the University’s follow-up is deemed unsatisfactory. An auditors’ summary of the scope and adequacy of the University’s response will be posted on the QC website and communicated to the University community, OCAV, COU and MAESD for information.