Institutional Quality Assurance Process Institutional Quality Assurance Process


The University of Western Ontario’s Senate is the ultimate authority with respect to ensuring the quality of all academic programs. The Senate Committee on Academic Policy and Awards (SCAPA) and its two subcommittees, the Senate Subcommittee on Program Review – Undergraduate (SUPR-U) and the Senate Subcommittee on Program Review – Graduate (SUPR-G), undertake the program reviews on Senate’s behalf and bring all program recommendations to Senate for ultimate consideration.

The Provost and Vice-President (Academic), along with the Vice-Provost (Academic Programs & Students) and the Vice-Provost (Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies), have oversight of the undergraduate and graduate quality assurance processes. The Provost is supported by an advisory committee, the Committee on Program Review (COPR), which monitors all aspects of the program review process at Western and advises the Provost regarding compliance and effectiveness and ensures public accountability of the review outcomes. In addition, Western has an established Annual Planning Process in which the academic plans and strategic priorities of each Faculty are reviewed in relation to fiscal resources. This planning process facilitates effective monitoring of program review recommendations.

Western’s Institutional Quality Assurance Process and any subsequent revisions to this process are subject to the approval of Senate and the Quality Council, on behalf of the Council of Ontario Universities.