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The Public Humanities Toolkit

“Reimagining the Public Mission of the Arts & Humanities”

The Public Humanities at Western is pleased to invite submissions to develop a new Public Humanities Toolkitfor the use of staff, students, and faculty at universities and colleges across Canada. The aim of developing a Toolkit for the Public Humanities is to reimagine the place of public scholarship, experiential learning, and mutually beneficial forms of campus-community collaboration across the Arts and Humanities disciplines, with a keen eye focused on new models for graduate education and training. 

We are conceptualizing the “public humanities” in broad terms, and would welcome your success stories, examples, and other artifacts to be featured on our digital platform, such as (but not limited to) websites, videos, blogs, documentaries, digital and oral storytelling initiatives, community-based projects, experiential learning courses, case studies, artworks and installations, public history projects, archives, museum exhibitions, and more. 

The overall objective of the Public Humanities Toolkit is fourfold: i) to outline key concepts and vocabularies of the public humanities; ii) to create an open-access, online platform that will feature artifacts we have gathered to serve as an educational tool for new and established scholars; iii) to document and promote original research by leading publicly engaged scholars in the arts and humanities; iv) to provide tools and ideas to enable graduate programs across Canada to build innovative opportunities and certifications for publicly engaged students. 

You can submit your contributions to: