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Nairne Holtz

Nairne Holtz is a fiction writer who has just completed a literary conspiracy novel, Albatrocity, which her agent is currently flogging to publishers. Her work has been published in the following books and journals: "Just the Man to Straighten Her Out" in Other Voices, v.14, n.1, Summer 2001; Stories Up the Bum in Rise Up Singing: An Anthology of Women's Poetry & Prose, London Abused Women's Centre, 2002; "Not My Daddy's Country" in Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly, v.4, n.2, 2003; "Most Valuable Player" in Delicate Friction, Bullock, 2003; "Too Cool for School" in Hot & Bothered 4, Arsenal Pulp 2003; "Miss August" in Back to Basics: a Butch-Femme Anthology, Bella Books, 2004, "Fucking for Real" in Skin Deep 2, Alyson, 2004, "When Gay is the New Straight" in Velvet Mafia, Issue 11, 2004, and Wild Kingdom is forthcoming in Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly. She also works freelance as a librarian and has created an annotated bibliography of Canadian literature with lesbian content at She lives in Montreal with her lesbian husband and miniature dogs.

Afrekete book cover. A Cannibal and Melancholy Mourning book cover. Are We Persons Yet book cover. Night Artillery book cover.

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