Canadian Lesbian Fiction Addicts

Canadian Lesbian Fiction Addicts

The Canadian Lesbian Fiction Addicts are an online community of lesfic readers, writers and publishers. This collection was established by Debra Butler and contributed to by a number of The Addicts as a way to preserve and circulate their stories, and to honour those who write and publish them.

A number of lesbians began writing for the Internet and then publishing companies sprang up to get these stories to print. Although the earliest stories were not all 'stellar works', as the writing matured, as the publishers grew, and as the readers themselves promoted and marketed the books, "the cream rose to the top." A strong and vibrant lesfic community emerged.

These stories are vital to both our history and our future. The writers of today are the new wave in Lesbian Fiction, telling stories that are more real, more representative of the way we live our lives; as one publisher says "where tradition meets tomorrow".

The books in this collection are not all the books from this 'new wave' ~ they're the ones from the authors on our group whom we love and admire.

Assorted Flavours: A Collection of Lesbian Short Stories, Lois Cloarec Hart. Hunter's Pursuit by Kim Baldwin. Seasons by Anne Azel. Love's Masquerade by Radcliffe.

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