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AIDS-Info, Odense - Denmark

No, it's not what you think. The Danes of Odense (the main city on the Island of Fyn) have not gone crazy from fear of AIDS. They are NOT recommending 'sicker sex' practices - such as performing a Caesarian section on your partner after painting her pubic region bright magenta - as a method of halting the epidemic. 'Sikker Sex' means 'Safer Sex' in Danish. 'Use a condom for safer sex' is the sane advice purveyed by this neon-hot ad, which also asserts a political message by transforming the pubic region into a zone of Gay Liberation by representing it by a hot Pink Triangle (the ACT UP symbol appropriated from the Naze badge for homosexuals). By distributing a brand of hot rubbers bearing the pink Love Triangle as its logo, the AIDS-Info Odense has evidently taken a cue from the Swiss Hot Rubber campaign. While the phallus rising from the k's in 'sikker sex' is ready for penetration, the poster also suggests a safer sex alternative to the old In-Out: mutual masterbastion. Since the kissing couple on their poster could be read as a man and a woman, or as two men, the lower of whom is wearing a pink jock, the subtle point is made - one often ignored by gays and straights alike - that the safer sex education pioneered by the Gay Movement (like Gay Liberation itself) is intended to benefit everyone.

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