Visual Aids Gallery

St. Lucia, West Indies - St. Lucian Artists' Association
French Regional Cooperation, Ministry of Health, Labour, Housing, Broadcasting, and Information.

To answer the chilling question posed by this poster, which belongs to a burgeoning group of ads designed to translate sexual histories into scary criminal records, you must first check out all his partners - who appear behind him as spectres conveniently awaiting your erotic inspection. Since the antecedent of 'you' is evidently feminine, you will not like all his partners if you are a strictly straight woman. You would have to sleep with other women. Nor will you like them all if you object on racial or racist grounds to sleeping with white women or black women. If you are a practising homophobe, you will certainly object to sleeping with his male partners. And if you're not keen on necrophilia, an aquired taste to be sure, you will definitely draw the line at the two skeletons he's been romancing on the side (probably in the graveyard where 'AIDS killed Mr Peter' in another morbid poster from St. Lucia: see also in Visual AIDS.) However, if you are a necrophiliac lesbian into interracial group sex in graveyards, then the answer to the question would have to be a lusty affirmative. There must be somebody out there who fits that description - even in tiny St. Lucia. Just remember to practise safer sex with your partner's partners, though whether condoms are de rigeur mortis when you're copulating with corpses has yet to be determined.

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