CCPS officers now "armed" with iPads

iPad Airs for Campus Police Service2014 saw the Campus Police make a huge commitment to the future of technology and move the service to the forefront in the Policing world.  Each officer was issued with an iPad Air in a new Zagg backlite bluetooth case.  These devices have a tremendous amount of technology built into them at a very low price compared to traditional, older Police technologies.
The iPads allow officers to access the Police records system to review and submit files and conduct inquires required for investigations. In addition the devices can access a number of other university and outside resources that are available via the internet.  Officers can message other officers while on duty and even facetime from a scene to get direction from a supervisor.  Officers can capture photographs of scenes and evidence directly onto the iPad and attach those immediately into the Police records system. The video camera in the iPad allows officer to conduct audio/video statements from persons in any location without the need to transport people to the Police station.
The iPads also have access to a large number of App's many of which are helpful to the officers.  From word processing to typed statements, to audio recorders and to even decibel recorders to document noise complaints.
The devices once mounted in the Police cruiser also allow the officer to utilize the rear facing video camera to act as an in car video system.  Officers can record vehicle stops or traffic infractions to be used in court.  The front facing camera can also be used to record persons being transported within the Police vehicle.
The iPads are also equipped with GPS which allows another level of safety as officers can be located on a map should they require assistance.

The iPads combine a number of technologies from mobile data terminal, camera, video camera, GPS, audio recorder, In Car video camera system and more in a low cost compact device.  Truly a remarkable device for any Police service.