Student's Awareness Leads To Arrests In Bike Thefts

Megan, a resident of Essex Hall, became suspicious when she saw two male persons loitering near the bike racks at Essex. Because of a recent escalation in bike thefts, Campus Police recently posted an alert on the Campus Police web site as well as the main page of Western's home page. Although she hadn't seen these postings, while she was watching the two males she saw the one cutting the chain lock with a bolt cutters which then were hurriedly placed in a back pack when they saw Megan watching. They took off south on Western Road with one speed-walking and the other riding the stolen bike. Megan immediately reported to the desk staff in Essex and Campus Police were contacted. Special Constable McWatt was detailed to attend at Essex Hall and London Police were notified. A London Officer was about two blocks south, on Western Road, and spotted the thieves as soon as the dispatch was sent to their cruisers. Special Constable McWatt and the LPS Officers arrested the thieves where they were stopped, and recovered the bike and seized the bolt cutters.

Megan did a great job, according to Special Constable McWatt. Her description of both individuals was detailed and spot on, including details of the bike that had been stolen. Much better than many people that are trained in providing descriptions. We would like to congratulate Megan on the great job she did, taking time out on her birthday no less, to help apprehend thieves, and help maintain a safe campus.