Holiday Safety Tips

Some important reminders for when you are away from your residence:

  1. Lock the doors and windows to your residence and don’t hide a key under the door mat, rock, or some other obvious outside location;
  2. Take your laptop and other valuables with you if you are going home for the holidays;
  3. Contact Campus Police for electronic tracking support if your laptop is stolen;
  4. Do not publicly post that you will be out of town or away from your residence;
  5. Leave a low level light on inside when you are away and have the blinds partially closed;
  6. Arrange to have your sidewalk and driveway cleared of snow to give the live-in look;
  7. Ensure water is turned off inside your residence so outside faucets are not exposed to freezing;
  8. STOP the newspaper and other deliveries;
  9. Have a trusted friend pick up flyers and periodically check for water leaks, heat and security;
  10. Inform a trusted neighbour you will be away and to report any suspicious persons to the Police;
  11. Park your car near lighted areas and keep valuables in the trunk and out of sight;
  12. Walk with a partner or group and avoid unlighted areas at night;
  13. Be a good Neighbourhood Watch neighbour and report suspicious persons to Police, anytime.

Have a great holiday and we look forward to your safe return to campus.