Video Monitoring

for information please call
Campus Community Police 519-661-3300

VideocameraVideo monitoring cameras are installed internally and externally at Western in support of personal Safety and property Security. Signage, as noted above, is posted near camera locations throughout campus to provide awareness in residences, in academic and administrative buildings and near security areas such as retail establishments to advise the community that video monitoring is in effect. Cameras also view parking lots and streets in an effort to support safety on campus.

A CPTED review always precedes the placement of any camera and this is followed by recommendations that relate to placement, viewing area, and responsibilities. Simultaneous to installation the ‘responsible person’ for the camera(s) receives training and must acknowledge their responsibilities in writing, in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Western’s Video Monitoring policy.

While ITS provides technical support for the approximately 600 cameras at Western, Campus Police monitor these and are able to focus on areas that require attention.

New Installation

Any new installation requires a formal request from a department head to the Director, Campus Police. This is then followed by a Campus Police security review to determine the need for a camera and identify the purpose, location and the best security safeguards available.

Video monitoring is but one small aspect of Western’s overall Safety Network. Other facets include community members being encouraged to stay safe and to contact Campus Police with information about suspicious activity or any personal safety concern.

Personal Information Collection Notice - Video Monitoring

The personal information captured by video monitoring equipment is collected under the authority of the University of Western Ontario Act, 1982, as amended. The information is used for purposes relating to safety and security on-campus and at off-campus sites owned or controlled by Western. Please see the University’s Video Monitoring Policy and Procedures for more information about video monitoring at Western. Address any questions about this collection and use of personal information to the Director, Campus Community Police Service, Room 1257, Lawson Hall, The University of Western Ontario, London, ON, N6A 5B8, tel: 519-661-2111 ext. 84010