Patrol & Response

CCPS CarsPatrols of the approximately 1000 acres at Western, and at Huron, Kings and Brescia University Colleges as well as our Research Park, farm, observatories and other properties, are performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While cruiser patrols are conducted at our outlying facilities, foot and bicycle patrols are added for the main campus. Response to calls for assistance are prompt and it is not unusual for Special Constables to arrive at a call for service within 2 minutes.


InvestigationApproximately 8000 calls for service are logged each year. While some of these require only a brief investigation many others require an investigation that is more in-depth. Special Constables investigating disorderly behaviour, crime, and other matters are trained to be analytical, ensure thoroughness and fairness as well as paying particular attention to the level of consequences being consistent with the type of misbehaviour being investigated. Our goal is to support the “Best Student Experience” and if someone’s conduct is a safety concern to others there are many options for response from counseling and warnings to Code of Student Conduct, criminal charges and arrest.

Crime Prevention/CPTED

Our CPTED/Safety (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) Coordinator not only conducts safety and security audits but registers all of our video monitoring cameras, conducts B & E follow-ups in some cases, provides traffic management advice and is involved in other duties that support a Safe Campus Community.


Lost & Found

Western Foot Patrol operates the University’s main Lost and Found.  

The Foot Patrol Office is located in the University Community Centre room 57 and is open Monday-Friday 12-5pm (Hours are  subject to change during holidays. Please refer to the website 

The Campus Community Police Office is located in Lawson Hall room 1257 (enter from the back of Lawson Hall) and is open 24/7, 365 days a year. 

General enquiries may also be made by emailing:

Work Safe Program

Campus Police & Western Foot Patrol operate the Work Safe program. This service is ideal for people working late and alone on campus. Customers call to register with the program, after which they can call the service at any time when working late at night.

Hours of operation
7 days/week: 6pm-6am
September, Holidays, exams: 9pm-6am

How to use Work Safe


Customers must register before using the program. To register, customers call the Western Foot Patrol Office at 519 661-3650 (or extension 83650) between 12 and 5 pm or 6 pm and 1 am, Monday to Friday; or Campus Police at 519 661-3300 (or extension 83300) between 1 and 6 am.

How it Works

When you call to use the service, you will select times through the evening to contact Western Foot Patrol or Campus Police. You are responsible to call and "check in" with the operator at these established times.

If you have not called five minutes after the designated check in time, we will call you. If you do not answer the phone, we will leave a message, wait five minutes and then dispatch the Police for a welfare check.

You must call the service before you leave the campus for the evening.

Using the Service

To use the service, call 519 661-3650 between the hours of 6 pm and 1 am, or 519 661-3300 between 1am and 6 am.

Bicycle Unit

The University of Western Campus Community Police operates a bicycle patrol unit staffed by on duty constables. The bicycle patrols allow the officers to patrol all areas of campus, especially those areas inaccessible to officers in police vehicles. Bicycle patrol officers are also available to provide proactive policing for other bicycle users on campus. Bicycle safety, bicycle theft prevention, and bicycle registration are some of the programs offered by the bicycle patrol unit.