Who are the Campus Police?

The Campus Community Police Service consists of a team of dedicated professionals that provide a safe and secure environment to community members and guests at the University of Western Ontario and its affiliated University Colleges. Patrol officers and their supervisors are sworn in as Special Constables and have authority “on campus” similar to that of London Police.

What hours is the Campus Police office open?

The Campus Community Police Service is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Campus Police Communications Centre and Reception is accessed through a 24 hour entrance at the rear of the Stevenson-Lawson Building.

Can Campus Police officers lay charges or arrest someone?

Yes. Campus Community Police have many of the same powers and authority on campus as London Police have for the entire Province of Ontario. For the purposes of the Criminal Code, Campus Community Police are peace officers. Authority for CCPS is the area within the boundary lines of University and affiliate's properties.

Can Campus Police officers lay charges or arrest someone off campus? If so, how far off campus?

Campus Community Police have jurisdiction within the boundarys of the University of Western Ontario and its affiliated University Colleges. Their authority extends further during fresh pursuit or during the transportation of prisoners. If a Campus Police officer finds someone committing a criminal offence outside their jurisdiction, they may arrest that person but must turn that person over to a London City Police officer. The London Police would lay the appropriate charges.

Do Campus Police officers carry guns?

Campus Community Police officers do not carry guns. Every sworn member is trained, and recertified annually, in provincially mandated “Use of Force” training. Campus Community Police officers do carry a baton, Oleoresin Capsicum (pepper) spray, and handcuffs.

Where can a Campus Police officer pull me over in my car ?

Campus Community Police officers drive marked police cruisers distinct in markings from London Police Service vehicles. Their primary focus is traffic management on campus roadways. In cases of criminal driving offences, such as impaired driving, Campus Police officers will, in the interests of public safety, pull a driver over anywhere. Under these circumstances, London Police Service will be contacted to attend to continue the arrest and lay charges.

Is there a holding cell on Campus?

There is no holding cell on Campus. When a suspect needs to be held in custody, Campus Community Police transport prisoners to the London Police Service Headquarters Detention Unit.

When does a 911 call go to Campus Police and not London Police?

Campus Police are linked by hotline to London Police, EMS, and Fire Services. Dialling 911 on a campus telephone will route the call to Campus Police who will dispatch a Campus Police officer and any other necessary emergency services. Dialling 911 on a cell phone or Bell Canada pay phone will route the call to the London Police 911 centre. If the call is routed to the City 911 Centre, and the emergency is on campus, the City 911 Operator will conference the call back to Campus Police. The Campus Police portable radio system is also linked to the city wide radio system. This “trunked” radio system allows for two way radio communications between all emergency services in London.

Do Brescia, Huron, and King’s University Colleges have their own Police Service as well?

No. Campus Community Police Services provide police services, under contract, to the affiliated University Colleges. The appointment from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and the London Police Service Board extends the sworn officers’ authority to the Affiliated University Colleges.