Marc Tini

Marc Tini

PH.D. University of Toronto
B.Sc. York University
Office:  Siebens Drake Research Institute, Room 237B
Phone: (519) 850-2942
Fax: (519) 661-382
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Research in my laboratory is aimed at elucidating nuclear pathways controlling gene expression and genome stability.  Our long-term goal is to understand how malfunction of specific regulatory pathways contributes to cellular transformation and oncogenesis.  Please visit my personal webpage for more information about my research and laboratory.

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Voegel, J. J., Heine, M. J. S., Tini, M., Vivat, V., Chambon, P., and H., Gronemeyer (1997). The coactivator TIF2 contains three nuclear receptor binding motifs and mediates transactivation through CBP binding-dependent and -independent pathways. EMBO J. 17: 507-519

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