Minor in Ethics 

Admission Requirements
Completion of first-year requirements. Checklist

4.0 courses:

0.5 course: Philosophy 2700F/G.
0.5 course from: Philosophy 2800F/G, 2801F/G.
2.0 courses in Philosophy at the 2000 level or above in areas of Ethics, Applied Ethics, Political Philosophy or Philosophy of Law. Eligible courses include: Philosophy 2070E, 2071E, 2073F/G, 2074F/G, 2077F/G, 2080, 2083F/G, 2370F/G, 2630F/G, 2661F/G, 2662F/G, 2701E, 2710F/G, 2715F/G, 2720F/G, 2800F/G, 2801F/G, 2810F/G, 2821F/G, 2822F/G, 3170F/G, 3180F/G, 3700E, 3710F/G, 3720F/G.
1.0 additional course in Philosophy at the 2000 level or above.

Note: The Minor in Ethics may not be combined with the Certificate in Ethics.

Minors can be combined with Honors Specializations, Specializations, Majors, and other Minors.