Markus Mueller

Markus Muller

Assistant Professor

Departments of Philosophy and Applied Mathematics
Canada Research Chair in the Foundation of Physics
Foundations of quantum theory, foundations of physics
Dr. Rer. Nat, Technical University of Berlin
Diploma, physics, Technical University of Berlin

Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 88790
Middlesex College, Room 265

As a theoretical physicist by training, I am approaching problems in the Foundations of Physics with the mathematical methods and conceptual insights of quantum information theory. In particular, I am interested in the foundations of quantum mechanics (deriving QM from simple postulates; possible generalizations and modifications of QM), statistical physics (emergence of statistical ensembles; StatMech for very small systems), and quantum gravity (relation between probability, spacetime, and the structure of QM).

I am happy to advise students in topics that are related to fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics, including QM in the foundations of Statistical Mechanics.

Some recent publications

M. Lostaglio, M. P. Müller, and M. Pastena, Stochastic independence as a resource in small-scale thermodynamics, Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 150402 (2015), arXiv:1409.3258

Ll. Masanes, M. P. Müller, R. Augusiak, and D. Pérez-García, Existence of an information unit as a postulate of quantum theory, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110(41), 16373 (2013), arXiv:1208.0493

M. P. Müller and Ll. Masanes, Three-dimensionality of space and the quantum bit: an information-theoretic approach, New J. Phys. 15, 053040 (2013), arXiv:1206.0630 

These can be downloaded on <>  under the given numbers.