Samantha Brennan



Moral and Political Philosophy, Feminist Ethics

Member, Rotman Institute of Philosophy

Affiliate Member, Women's Studies and Feminist Research

Member of Political Science graduate program

BA Dalhousie; MA, PhD Illinois

Phone: 519-661-2111 
Office: Lawson Hall Room 3233
Website: Personal

2015-2016 Teaching

  • PHIL 2078G - Ethics for a Digital World
  • PHIL 2079F - Sports Ethics
  • PHIL 4810F - Egalitarianism

Recent Publications


“The Goods of Childhood, Children's Rights, and the Role of Parents as Advocates and Interpreters,” in Family-Making: Contemporary Ethical Challenges, Françoise Baylis and Carolyn McLeod (editors), Oxford University Press, 2014.

“Rethinking the Moral Significance of Micro-Inequities: The Case of Women in Philosophy,” in Women in Philosophy: What Needs to Change? , Fiona Jenkins and Katrina Hutchison (editors), Oxford University Press, 2014.

“'Those Shoes Are Definitely Bicurious': More Thoughts on the Politics of Fashion,” in Passing/Out:Sexual Identity Veiled and Revealed, Dennis Cooley and Kelby Harrison (editors), Ashgate Publishing, 2012, pp. 171-180.

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Sarah Hannan, Samantha Brennan, and Richard Vernon, Permissible Progeny? Moral Considerations and Procreative Choice, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Charles Weijer, Anthony Skelton, Samantha Brennan, Bioethics in Canada, Oxford University Press, 2013.

Samantha Brennan and Robert Stainton, Philosophy and Death, Broadview Press, 2009.

Andrew Bailey, Samantha Brennan, Will Kymlicka, Jacob Levy, Alex Sager & Clark Wolf, The Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Thought: Essential Readings, Ancient, Modern, and Contemporary Texts, 2012.