Current Job Candidates

Jamie Shaw

  • AOS: Philosophy of Science, History of Philosophy of Science, Science and Technology Studies, Social Epistemology
  • AOC: Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Neuroscience, Environmental Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Physics
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Justin Bzovy


Catherine Stinson

  • AOS: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Neuroscience, Philosophy of Psychiatry
  • AOC: Logic, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Biology
  • On the web:


Melissa Jacquart

  • AOS: History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics and Astophyics
  • AOC: Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, Ethics & Values in Science
  • On the web:


Cameron Fenton

  • AOS: Normative and Applied Ethics
  • AOC: Legal Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy
  • On the web:


Nick Nash

  • AOS: is: History of Early Modern Philosophy, including early modern women.
  • AOC: Ancient Philosophy, Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Religion