The central research requirement of the PhD program in Philosophy is the dissertation.  This work should exhibit significant scholarly research and originality, and must be submitted and examined in accordance with regulations set out by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies: see the SGPS Thesis Regulation Guide.  In addition, the Department of Philosophy requires the following: that dissertations in Philosophy not exceed 250 pages in length and that students give a departmental talk on the subject of their thesis prior to their defence.

Thesis' Administrative Processes Timeline

    1. Organization and scheduling of examination board members, public lecture and defense.
    2. Preliminary submission of the thesis and thesis approval by supervisor.
    3. Pre-defense review period and examiners' comment submissions.
    4. Public lecture.
    5. Defense.
    6. Final submission.

If you have completed all degree requirements (including thesis submission), but have not defended your thesis prior to the end of the current term, you are eligible to continue your registration into the subsequent term in Thesis Defense Only (TDO) status. This additional term makes the completion of your thesis possible while not requiring you to pay tuition fees. This status may apply for a maximum of one term. For further information about TDO status, please visit the SGPS site herePlease note: you will still be responsible to pay part-time ancillary fees and UHIP fees where applicable.

Important Thesis Submission Deadlines