Graduate Teaching Assistantships

All funded graduate students in our PhD program are currently assigned Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA). Students may be given GTA assignments for two terms or one term, depending on their Annual Financial Support Package. GTA assignments may be for grading or running tutorial sections.

Our GTA assignments are arranged by the graduate program in cooperation with our undergraduate program each summer for the upcoming year when undergraduate course enrollment numbers are available. The GTA assignment schedule and GTA contracts are then distributed via email by the Graduate Affairs Assistant. The schedule (when available) and a sample contract can be found in Resources & Forms.

It is important to note that GTA’s are expected to be available for proctoring during the entire exam period(s) for the term(s) they are employed. The Department of Philosophy reserves a set number of hours per term from each GTA’s contract for proctoring duties as outlined in our GTA Duties Specification Agreement (see: Resources & Forms). The proctoring schedule is created by the Graduate Affairs Assistant when the exam schedule is finalized in accordance with University regulations. Instructions for proctors can be found here: Western University Secretariat > Academic Policies > Administration of Examinations.

GTA’s must complete a Duties Specification Agreement with the instructor of the course they are assigned to (see: Resources & Forms). This agreement outlines their agreement regarding the specific types of duties to be performed by the GTA and the estimated number of hours attributable to each of those duties. A copy of the Duties Specification Agreement must be submitted to the Graduate Affairs Assistant.

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