Mentorship in University Teaching

Through participation in the Mentorship in University Teaching, doctoral students gain experience in course design and delivery in a supervised setting. Students who elect to participate in the program will work closely with a faculty mentor to plan a second-year (2000-level) half-course in philosophy and will account for between 25-33% of the lecture hours for the course.

Participation in the Mentorship program is voluntary, though it is limited to doctoral students who are at least in the third year of their program (or fourth year for students in the Direct Entry PhD), but who are still within their fundable period. In addition, students are required to have completed their coursework requirements (including the Prospectus seminar) in order to be eligible. It is also recommended but not required that students have completed their competency requirement and comprehensive examination.

Doctoral students who successfully complete the program will receive instructor-specific course evaluations, a milestone on their transcript, and, on request, a letter evaluating their teaching from their faculty mentor to include in their teaching dossier.