Core Faculty

Christopher Brown (Classics: Greek poetry, drama, and religion; Roman poetry)

Devin Henry (Philosophy: Ancient science and epistemology, especially Plato and Aristotle)

Henrik Lagerlund (Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval philosophy, especially logic)

Georgia Mouroutsou (King’s University College: Ancient philosophy)

Debra Nousek (Classics: Greek and Latin historiography, Greek oratory, Roman republican history)

Charles Stocking (Classics: Greek epic; Greek religion; Ancient athletics; Gender and the body in Greece and Rome; Classics and Critical Theory)

John Thorp (Philosophy: Ancient philosophy, especially Presocratics and Aristotle; Philosophy of religion)


Supporting Faculty

Ben Hill (Philosophy)

Dennis Klimchuk (Philosophy)

Glen Koehn (Philosophy, Huron University College)

Bonnie MacLachlan (emerita, Classics)

Randall Pogorzelski (Classics)

Julie Ponesse (Philosophy, Huron University College)

Bernd Steinbock (Classics)

Aara Suksi (Classics)