Course Archive

Winter 2018

PHILOSOP 9209B: Empiricism in the Philosophy of Science
PHILOSOP 9031B: Survey of early modern theories of temporal experience and spatial awareness (Survey--History)
PHILOSOP 9200B: Twentieth-century Philosophy of Science (Survey--Phil of Science)
PHILOSOP 9300B: Philosophy of Mathematics (Survey--Phil of Science)
PHILOSOP 9400B: Survey of Philosophy of Language (Survey--Mind & Language)
PHILOSOP 9900B: Prospectus Course
PHILOSOP 9032B: The 'Sophist' and the Sophists
PHILOSOP 9121B: Theories of Global Justice - cross-listed with POLISCI 9762B/4206G
PHILOSOP 9123B: Political Theory: Justice Between Generations - cross-listed with POLISCI 9505B
PHILOSOP 9500B: Survey of Feminist Philosophy (Survey--Feminism)
PHILOSOP 9230B: Issues in Philosophy, Psychology & Neuroscience
PHILOSOP 9039B: Survey in 18th Century German Philosophy (Survey - History)

Fall 2017

PHILOSOP 9029A: From Natural Law to Moral Sense: Moral Philosophy 1550-1780 (Survey--History/Value Theory)
PHILOSOP 9215A: Probability
PHILOSOP 9102A: Sidgwick's Ethics
PHILOSOP 9504A: What’s love got to do with it?: A survey of feminist thinking about romance, children, and the family (Survey--Feminism/Value Theory) - cross-listed with WS 9533A
PHILOSOP 9227A: Philosophy of Space and Time
PHILOSOP 9030A: Aristotle's Ethics
PHILOSOP 9008A: Kant's First Critique 
PHILOSOP 9653A: Proseminar (Survey--Mind & Language)
PHILOSOP 9617A: Survey of Philosophy of Mind: Mental Representation (Survey--Mind & Language)
PHILOSOP 9122A: Political Theory: Toleration - cross-listed with POLISCI 9503A (Survey--Value Theory)

Winter 2017       

PHILOSOP 9037B: The Development of Plato's Political Philosophy - D. Henry        HIST/MPL           
PHILOSOP 9038B: Grotius and Hobbes - D. Klimchuk         HIST/MPL           
PHILOSOP 9121B: Theories of Global Justice - R. Vernon MPL      
PHILOSOP 9122B: Toleration - R. Vernon               MPL      
PHILOSOP 9900B: Prospectus Course - C. McLeod              -             
PHILOSOP 9226B: Epistemology of Experimentation - J. Sullivan  SCI/M & E           
PHILOSOP 9750B: Philosophy of Biology (outline updated Dec 22) - G. Barker        SCI         
PHILOSOP 9619B: Problems in Philosophy of Language - R. Stainton          M & E   

Fall 2016              

PHILOSOP 9653A: Pro-seminar - R. Stainton          M & E   
PHILOSOP 9035A: Aristotle's Metaphysics - J. Thorp          HIST/M & E        
PHILOSOP 9036A: Thinking Matter in the Seventeenth Century - B. Hill     HIST      
PHILOSOP 9119A: Human Rights - C. Jones           MPL      
PHILOSOP 9618A: Philosophy of Mind - C. Viger  M & E   
PHILOSOP 9245A: Survey of Philosophy of Science - R. DiSalle       SCI/HIST              
PHILOSOP 9224A: Cosmology - C. Smeenk            SCI         
PHILOSOP 9225A: Scientific Realism - Intensive Course - S. Psillos                SCI         
PHILOSOP 9730A: Feminist Bioethics - C. McLeod              MPL                                                     

Winter Term 2016

De Anima (Henry)—History (Ancient) 
Kant’s First Critique (Dyck)—History (CX w/ Phil 4050) 
Phil of Neuroscience (Sullivan)—M&E/Science 
Phil of Ecology (Desjardins)—Science 
Phil of Quantum Mechanics (Myrvold)—Science 
Feminist Critiques of Science (Okruhlik)—Science/MPL (CX w/ Phil 4530) 
Theories of Content (Bayne)—M&E 
Prospectus Course (Dyck)

Fall Term 2015

The Sophists and “The Sophist” (Thorp)—History (Ancient)
Hume and Reid on Ethics and the Passions (Falkenstein)—History/MPL (CX w/ Phil 4108)
Proseminar (DiSalle)—M&E 
Survey of Phil of Mind (Mendelovici)—M&E (CX w/ Phil 4410)
General Phil of Science (Smeenk)—Science 
Phil of Math (Bell)—Science 
Egalitarianism (Brennan)—MPL (CX w/ Phil 4810) 
Markets & Morals (Hoffmaster)—MPL (CX w/ Phil 4071) 

Winter Term 2015

PHILOSOP 9218B: Epistemology of Experimentation (Sullivan) - Area: Science
PHILOSOP 9250B: Philosophy of Physics (DiSalle) - Area: Science
PHILOSOP 9614B: Philosophy of Language Survey (Stainton) - Area: M & E  / Cross-listed with LING 9453B
PHILOSOP 9115B: Contemporary Feminist Ethics (Brennan) - Area: MPL
PHILOSOP 9219B: History of Twentieth-Century Phil. of Science (Okruhlik) - Area: Science
PHILOSOP 9615B: Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception (Fielding) - Area: M & E
PHILOSOP 9025B: Plato’s Theory of Forms (Thorp) - Area: History (Ancient)
PHILOSOP 9026B: John Locke’s Theory of Ideas (Hill) - Area: History
PHILOSOP 9616B: Consciousness (Bourget) - Area: M & E

Fall Term 2014

PHILOSOP 9022A: Classics in the History of the Free Will Debate (Falkenstein) - Area: History
PHILOSOP 9613A: Kripke (Marti/Stainton) - Area: M & E
PHILOSOP 9653A: Pro-seminar (DiSalle)
PHILOSOP 9113A: Property (Klimchuk) - Area: MPL
PHILOSOP 9023A: Interpretations of Kant's Transcendental Idealism (Dyck) - Area: History
PHILOSOP 9114A: Trust and Testimony (McLeod) - Area: MPL
PHILOSOP 9024A: The Stoics and Stoicism (Lagerlund) - Area: History (Ancient)
PHILOSOP 9217A: Philosophy of Biology: Recent Trends (Barker) - Area: Science

Winter Term 2014

9109B: Politcal Philosophy (Milde) - Area: MPL
4410F/9611A: Contemporary Issues in the Phil. of Mind (Mendelovici) - Area: M&E
9110B: Ethics (Brennan) - Area: MPL
9212B: Phil. Foundations of Modern Physics (DiSalle) - Area:Hist, Sc
9021B: Plato’s Theaetetus (Henry) - Area: Hist
9300B: Philosophy of Mathematics (Bell) - Area: Sc
9213B: Philosophy of Neuroscience (Sullivan) - Area: Sc, M&E
9112B: Utility, Liberty, Equality: The Case of J. S. Mill (Skelton) - Area: MPL, Hist
4210G/9612B: Problems in Phil of Language: Possible World Semantics (Bourget) - Area: M&E

Fall Term 2013

9215A: Philosophy of Probability (Hoefer) - Area: Sc
9653A: Proseminar (Smeenk) - Area: n/a
4530F/9278A: Feminist Critiques of Science (Okruhlik) - Area: Sc
9214A: Philosophy of Science (Psillos) - Area: Sc
9019A: The Epicureans (Thorp) - Area: Hist
4071F/9111A: Advanced Topics in Ethics: “Markets and Morals” (Hoffmaster) - Area: MPL
4035F/9020A: Descartes (Hill) - Area: Hist