Moral, Political & Legal Philosophy

image of gavelMoral, Political, and Legal Philosophy at Western offers a programme of study in the core areas in contemporary and historical normative ethics and political philosophy, bioethics, and the philosophy of law. Faculty in the Field have research interests in a wide range of topics, including, for example: criminal responsibility, reasoning in law and medicine, individual responsibility in collective contexts, the foundation and limits of property rights, gender and race, and the nature of wellbeing; and in the work of such philosophers as Grotius, Hobbes, Kant, Mill and Sidgwick.

Our work in these areas is enhanced by strong connections with both feminism and history of philosophy within the Department of Philosophy and with the Faculties of Law and Medicine, the Departments of Women's Studies and Feminist Research and Political Science, and the Brain and Mind Institute. 

Core Faculty
Andrew Botterell (Philosophy of Law)
Dennis Klimchuk (Philosophy of Law, History of Political Philosophy)
Barry Hoffmaster (Bioethics, Philosophy of Law, Practical Ethics)
Tracy Isaccs
Charles Jones
Carolyn McLeod (Bioethics (especially Reproductive Ethics), Moral Psychology, and Feminist Philosophy)
Michael Milde
Anthony Skelton (Normative Ethics, History of Ethics, Bioethics)
Richard Vernon
Charles Weijer (Bioethics)

Faculty members with related interests
Corey Dyck
Lorne Falkenstein
Devin Henry