Philosophy of Mind and Language

xray of skullMind & Language at Western offers a program of study anchored in core topics in contemporary Anglo-American philosophy of mind and language, with sub-specializations available in either philosophy of mind or philosophy of language.

Beyond those core topics, the Philosophy Department’s relationships with other academic units at Western afford unique opportunities for students interested in studying mind and language in an interdisciplinary way. In particular, our graduate students often pursue research in clinical and theoretical linguistics and in cognitive neuroscience (especially via Western’s Brain and Mind Institute and the Rotman Institute of Philosophy).

In addition, the Department has several faculty members working on the history of philosophy of mind and language, and on the intersection between mind and ethics.
Core Faculty
David Bourget (Mind, Language)
Angela Mendelovici (Mind)
Robert Stainton (Mind, Language, Cognitive Science)
Jacqueline Sullivan (Philosophy of Neuroscience)
Chris Viger (Mind, Cognitive Science)  

Faculty members with related interests:
Louis Charland (Mental Health)
Corey Dyck (Kant)
Lorne Falkenstein (Early Modern)
Benjamin Hill (Locke)
Tracy Isaacs (Action Theory)
Carolyn McLeod (Moral Psychology) 

Recent Graduate Courses

Content and Consciousness (Bayne)
Hume and Reid on Ethics and the Passions (Falkenstein)
Mental Representation (Mendelovici)
Philosophy of Neuroscience (Sullivan)
The Linguistic Turn in Antiquity (Thorp) 

Consciousness (Bourget)
Kripke (Marti and Stainton)
Locke’s Theory of Ideas (Hill)
Philosophy of Language Survey (Stainton) 

Contemporary Issues in Philosophy of Mind (Mendelovici)
Modes of Presentation (Bourget)
Philosophy and Linguistics (Stainton)

Associated Research Groups
Lab Associates Program (Joint with the Brain and Mind Institute)
Language and Cognition Research Group