History of Philosophy


The Philosophy Department at the University of Western Ontario is a major centre for the study of the History of Philosophy. We have one of the largest contingents of scholars specializing in the History of Philosophy in North America, offering graduate students the opportunity to study a wide range of topics, figures, and historical periods. We have internationally recognized expertise in many of the more traditional figures in the History of Philosophy, yet we also emphasize the work of those individuals and groups whose contributions to philosophy have hitherto been under-appreciated. In the recent Philosophical Gourmet Report, the department ranked particularly highly in the areas of 17th century philosophy, 18th century philosophy, and Kant. The department also has a long tradition of interaction between History of Philosophy and Philosophy of Science, and is home to a number of active research groups (see below).


Core Faculty
Robert DiSalle (History and Philosophy of Physics, esp. Newton, Leibniz, and Kant)
Corey Dyck (Kant, 18th Century German Philosophy)
Lorne Falkenstein (18th Century Philosophy)
Devin Henry (Ancient Philosophy)
Benjamin Hill (17th and 18th Century Philosophy)
Dennis Klimchuk (History of Political Philosophy, Kant)
Anthony Skelton (History of Ethics)
Christopher Smeenk (History and Philosophy of Physics, esp. Newton)
John Thorp (Ancient Philosophy)

Associated Faculty
Antonio Calcagno (Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy)
William Harper (History and Philosophy of Science, esp. Newton and Kant)
Kathleen Okruhlik (History and Philosophy of Science, esp. Leibniz and Kant)

Recent Graduate Courses
The Linguistic Turn in Antiquity
Aristotle’s De anima
Plato on Pleasure and the Good Life
Stoics and Stoicism
Grotius and Hobbes on Sovereignty and Law
Hume and Reid on Ethics and the Passions
Theories of visual perception from Descartes to Reid
Kant’s Practical Philosophy
Interpretations of Kant's Transcendental Idealism
Kant's First Critique

Associated Research Groups
Descartes Research Group
Kant Research Group