Feminist Philosophy

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Feminist philosophy began with the extension of traditional concepts in philosophy, and the use of traditional philosophical methods, to address issues of concern to women. It then moved on to examine sources of bias within the concepts and methods themselves (Jaggar and Young, Blackwell Companion to Feminist Philosophy, 1998). Feminist writing in philosophy crosses traditional divisions in philosophy and includes work in ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of mind, epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of science. The Department at Western has five philosophers whose work is directly in this field. We are ranked by The Philosophical Gourmet, a catalogue of graduate programs in the English speaking world, as being one of only 27 departments having strength in feminist philosophy. Western is also home to the new online, open access peer reviewed  journal Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/fpq/, which is co-edited by Samantha Brennan.

Helen Fielding (Feminist Phenomenology, Feminist Continental Philosophy)
Tracy Isaacs (Feminist Ethics, Feminist Issues in Fitness and Sport, Global Feminist Theory)
Carolyn McLeod (Feminist Ethics, especially Feminist Bioethics and Feminist Moral Psychology)
Kathleen Okruhlik (Feminist Philosophy of Science)

Associated Research Groups
Feminist Philosophy Research Group