Recognizing and Acknowledging Ideas Within their Cultural and Social Context

Identify multiple ways in which cultural, social, and disciplinary backgrounds shape the perspectives of individuals. The following resources are designed to help you recognize and acknowledge ideas within the cultural and social context from which they are derived. 


Decolonizing the Curriculum

In this session, we will examine the role of higher education in colonization and decolonization. Participants will engage with Indigenous storytelling as a teaching and learning methodology and learn how critical self-reflection can make space for Indigenous ways of knowing and being in the classroom. 

Decolonizing Indigenous-Settler Partnerships in the Academy

Anti-Oppression Training

This workshop provides a forum to explore how diversity issues can affect any environment. Participants will discuss power and privilege, myhtical norms, and how they're reinforced through social practice, assumptions and stereotypes. Participants will also explore the concept of intersectionality, and will work with case studies grounded in a campus environment to determine effective ways to be an ally.

All Intercultural and Social Fluency Resources