Customizable, Flexible Professional Development

Own Your Future coordinates roughly 80 workshops throughout the academic year to help you develop your Power Skills.  No particular workshop is mandatory. 

Workshops are:

  • created specifically for PhD students.
  • customizable and flexible based on whatever best fits with your goals and schedule.
  • mapped over the four years of your program to support your academic progression and professional development in a complementary manner.

We challenged units from across campus to develop effective and engaging sessions that strive to strengthen your power skills while creating an environment that promotes meaningful connections with other students and facilitators across campus.  Each facilitator outlines which power skills are the focus of the experience so you can easily determine which workshops best suit your interests.

Power Skill Alignment

All Own Your Future workshops are aligned with at least one Power Skill. We invite you to browse the categories and their associated power skills below to find Own Your Future programming best suited to your needs. 

Career Engagement

connect your interests, values, personality, and skills with a variety of career options, and to develop strategies to effectively launch your career

Communication and Relationship Building

explain complex ideas to a variety of audiences, to use the appropriate communication tools effectively, and to foster positive working relationships

Intercultural and Social Fluency

navigate effectively through a complex global world of cultural and social diversity and multiple value systems


promote initiative and accountability through self-awareness and self-assessment, time management, work-life balance, and seeking help when needed

Teaching and Learning

identify your own learning needs and the needs of others, to create appropriate teaching and learning strategies, to engage learners and to assess learning outcomes


apply your personal strengths, skills and knowledge with integrity to manage projects and teams, make complex decisions, and take meaningful risks