Constructing Positive Working Relationships

Use communication skills to resolve conflict and provide or respond to feedback. The following resources are designed to help you construct positive working relationships with graduate student peers, undergraduate students, supervisors, mentors, and employers.



SGPS 9106: PROmoting Resilience During GRADuate School and Beyond

COVID-19 has disrupted many aspects of our personal and professional lives and in a time of isolation and distraction, it is especially challenging to remain resilient, focused, and optimistic about acheiving our goals. This course introduces participants to a motivational coaching approach to mentoring others that has been associated with improvements in resilience, self-esteem, and other positive indicators in graduate students. 

When Coworkers Conflict

Teams are an every-day fact, whether you work in a lab or are TAing with a group. How you address team conflict can mean the success or failure of the team – and the project. In this workshop you will become part of a team that needs to resolve a complex conflict. You will be taught the tools to help you resolve this conflict.

Why can’t you be like me? Communicating when personalities clash

This workshop builds on the knowledge gained in the first workshop in this series, by analyzing your personality style using Kilmanns Personality Style Instrument. Through a case study, you will find out how to address conflicts when personality styles clash.

Now What? Conflict in the Workplace

Whether you’re heading for a career in academia, industry or the non-profit sector, this session will help you understand how you can address conflict when you start your career. A panel of professionals will tell you about the conflicts they encounter every day and answer your questions about effectively dealing with conflict.

Intercultural Conflict Resolution

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