Communicating Complex Ideas Broadly

Create effective and engaging presentations that communicate the importance of your research within your field and to funding bodies, policy makers, or the public. The following resources are designed to help you strengthen your ability to communicate complex ideas, explain your work and describe your skills effectively in all environments, including to expert and non-expert audiences.


SGPS 9103: Writing in Graduate School I

This six-week course will introduce you to the fundamentals of English grammar and provide you with the tools to write clear, correct, and accessible academic prose. Emphasis will be placed on the basic principles of effective academic writing and on establishing a foundation that will allow you to develop into a confident academic writer. You will complete a series of short assignments modeled on the lay abstracts typically required for grant applications, and give one short presentation.

SGPS 9104: Writing in Graduate School II

This six-week course will help you develop the skills and competencies to communicate to diverse audiences with a particular emphasis on communicating to general/non-specialist audiences. Students will learn strategies for effectively communicating complex, disciplinary specific ideas to non-specialist audiences in ways that are clear, concise and captivating, and focus on refining their writing and presenting skills.

Writing Impactful Research Proposals

A PhD research proposal can determine your path through graduate studies, your potential funding, and your academic and professional future. In this seminar we’ll look at the components that make up successful research proposals. 

Preparing to Publish

Publishing scholarly work is a key expectation for researchers. In this session, you’ll learn how to navigate the peer review process and how to identify journals that would be suitable venues for your work. The session will also include a discussion about co-authorship and working with journal editors. 

Walden-izing Your Studies: A Walk, the Woods, Your Research Proposal

Having trouble generating ideas? Organizing your thoughts? Studies have shown that walking and thinking go hand in hand. So spend a few pleasant hours thinking about and discussing your research with other friendly hikers.

Writing Your Dissertation: Setting Goals, Writing, Thinking, and Finishing

Thinking your dissertation and finding your voice: as doctoral students embark on the most daunting scholarly task of their lives, this workshop will be devoted to planning their writing future. Emphasis will be placed on fun interactive mapping strategies and creative design projects.

I'm the Hero of This Research Story: Using Comic Designing to Help Find Your Voice

So you’re not Stan Lee? Jack Kirby? Can’t draw? No problem. Let the Writing Support Centre’ resident comic artist help turn your research into a super cool comic book. Learn not only to plot your work but also to be the protagonist of your own research story.

Dissertation Writers' Retreat

No internet. No researching. Just a group of people in a room writing their dissertations. Guess what? It works!

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