Career Engagement

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Career Engagement

The ability to connect your interests, values, personality and skills with a variety of career options, and to develop strategies to launch your career.

Communicating your Professional Identity (Motivations, Skills and Goals)

Identifying your PhD Skills and How to Articulate Them

Establishing a Professional Network

LinkedIn – I’ve Signed up, Now What?

Cultivating Career-Enhancing Connections

Job Searching

Preparing for the Job Search Beyond the Tenure-track

Faculty Position Job Search I: Understanding the Job Search (not offered every year)

Faculty Position Job Search II: Preparing your Documents (not offered every year)

Converting your CV to a Resume (not offered every year)

Making Personally Enriching Career Decisions

Designing Your Career: Creating Paths to Multiple Career Opportunities

Continuous Self-Reflection and Improvement

Advancing Your Professional Development for Future Career Success

Leading with Your Strengths in your PhD

Additional Career Engagement Resources

Career Education Website 

Rich with information, workshop recordings, and graduate student resources 

CTL's Future Prof Series

Includes workshops on preparing documents for academic job applications and prepping for interviews

Mitacs Edge Workshops

Includes self-paced online modules and in-person training options