Power Skills

The path to completing your PhD has continuously narrowed the focus of your work.  In fact, as you grow academically, your work becomes increasingly precise.  The technical skills in your chosen field are constantly evolving, but what about those skills that make you more effective at accomplishing your goals?  


The 2019 Global Talent Trends Report released from Linkedin Talent Solutions observed that the top trend transforming the workplace is “soft skills”.  These "soft skills" are now being recognized as Power Skills.

Characteristics of a Power Skill:

  • Timeless
  • Personal
  • Transferrable

Power Skills like creativity, adaptability, and time management are human qualities that machines cannot duplicate, and these qualities will help set you apart in your future career. 

  • But where and when do you find the time to focus on gaining these invaluable attributes?
  • Can you identify the Power Skills that you possess?
  • Where do you begin to learn these valuable skills?

Own Your Future was created to help you acquire and develop Power Skills.  Within Own Your Future, these Power Skills are grouped into six categories:

Career Engagement

Connect your interests, values, personality and skills with a variety of career options, and to develop strategies to launch your career.

Communication and Relationship Building

Explain complex ideas to a variety of audiences, to use the appropriate communication tools effectively, and to foster positive working relationships.


Apply your personal strengths, skills and knowledge with integrity to manage projects and teams, make decisions, and take meaningful risks.


Promote initiative and accountability through self-awareness and self-assessment, time management, work-life balance and seeking help when needed.

Teaching and Learning

Identify your own learning needs and the needs of others, to create appropriate teaching and learning strategies, to engage learners, and to assess learning outcomes.

Intercultural and Social Fluency

Navigate effectively through a complex global world of cultural and social diversity with multiple value systems.