Office of the ombudsperson

Student Associations

The Office of the Ombudsperson is dually funded by the university and its student councils. This allows for guidance regarding both university and USC-related concerns. 

If you have concerns with a club or any other facet of the student associations on main campus or at the affiliates, there are options available to you. Below you will find links to the governance pages for each of the student councils here at Western, which should aid you in addressing your concerns to the lowest level of authority. From time to time students encounter problems that require further intervention or investigation and the Ombudsperson is here to help students through the process.

Don't be afraid to contact the Ombudsperson about any concerns you have regarding student associations. It is our job to guide you towards a fair resolution.

Association Website Contact

University Students' Council
Governing Documents

(519) 661 3574

Society of Graduate Students
Governing Documents

(519) 661 3394

King's Students' Council
Governing Documents

(519) 433 3491 (x. 4069)

Brescia Students' Council

(519) 432 8353 (x. 20105)
Huron Students' Council
Governing Documents
(519) 438-7224 (x. 341)