Current Studies

    • Listening in the Car with Hearing Aids

      We are looking for participants to take part in a hearing aid study who meet the following criteria: English speaking adults with hearing aid experience.

      Your participation would involve:

      • 2 sessions (no more than 2 hours each) at the National Centre for Audiology at Western University
      • Session 2 would include time spent driving in a car with the research audiologiest and a professional driver.
    • Advanced hearing tests with amplification

      Hearing tests typically include measuring the softest sound that can be detected in a soundproof booth. While this test is a good first indicator of someone's hearing, additional hearing skills may be needed to understand in real-world environments (such as an echoey room). Advanced hearing tests include the measurement of hearing the speed of changes in sound, the pitch of sound, gaps in sound, matching of sound between ears, the locations of sound, and the ability to process information from the two ears. We will correlate hearing aid outcome measures with these advanced hearing tests and will attempt to assess whether hearing aid benefit differs among groups of participants who vary in their hearing abilities. The results may help to explain variability in hearing aid outcomes across participants who have the same hearing test results on the current clinical hearing tests.

    • BICROS Hearing Aid Study

      Assessing Improvement in Listening Effort, Speech Intelligibility in Noise and Subjective Quality of Hearing

    • Active Vent Hearing Aid Study

      The study will evaluate a new hearing aid speaker called "the ActiveVent receive".