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Dr. Stanton approaches research in hereditary hearing impairment from the perspective of her training in audiology, physiology and neuroscience. Her research interests focus on the development of a detailed hearing profile (“deep phenotype”) in individuals and families with inherited disorders that affect the auditory system. In her research, Dr Stanton uses physiological and behavioural measures to develop a comprehensive phenotype of affected members of a large family, all with the same disorder. In collaboration with a molecular genetics team led by Dr Terry-Lynn Young (Memorial University), this deep phenotype information is compared to genetic test results obtained from the same family. This interdisciplinary team approach has led to the discovery of novel gene mutations and a better understanding of how genetic changes disrupt the auditory system.   

Do hearing problems run in your family? Research studies in the HAPGLab focuses on individuals and families with inherited hearing disorders. If you are you interested in participating in a research study contact for more information.

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