National Centre for Audiology

Hearing Accessibility and Assistive Technologies Laboratory

Research Overview

The researchers in the Hearing Accessibility and Assistive Technologies Laboratory study ways in which to improve hearing accessibility and in how to assist those persons using a range of assistive listening devices.

The Hearing Accessibility and Assistive Technologies Laboratory is equipped with the latest in assistive technologies for persons who are deaf, deafened, and hard of hearing. This lab is used in Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation research, student training, and for assistive device consultation through the H.A. Leeper Speech & Hearing Clinic.

The Hearing Accessibility and Assistive Technologies Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility. The laboratory is used both clinically by faculty working within the H.A. Leeper Speech and Hearing Clinic for both individual and group assistive devices orientation, and for assessment and prescription of devices for individuals with hearing loss of all ages. The laboratory houses a variety of assistive technologies including assistive listening devices (one-to-one communicators, induction loop systems, FM systems, Infrared systems) for use in homes and public places. A variety of telephones and telephone accessories that are specifically designed for persons with hearing loss are also housed in the laboratory. Other assistive technologies include alarm clocks, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors, visual and vibratory alerting devices that can be used to alert individuals with hearing loss to important warning signals in their environments.

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Mary Beth Jennings, Ph.D. is the director of the HearCare Audiologic Rehabilitation Laboratory and worked clinically in the area of adult audiologic rehabilitation for 13 years prior to the start of her academic career. She is an Associate Professor with the School of Communication Sciences & Disorders, Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty Researcher with the National Centre for Audiology. 
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