National Centre for Audiology

Research Activities

The Child Amplification Laboratory is equipped with a sound booth to ensure a validated acoustically quiet test environment as possible. The laboratory boasts test equipment and software that enables us to work with children from birth through their teenage years. This includes a rocking chair and bassinet so that we can assist parents with babies to participate in our projects; fun-themed testing software so that we can motivate school-aged children during test procedures; and a resting area with internet access so that teenagers have access to their important social networks during breaks in study projects in which they have agreed to participate. We're always working on exciting studies, and right now our laboratory, directed by Dr. Susan Scollie, focuses on these research areas: 

Current Projects


Clinical Resources from our lab

We're often asked to share our results from the lab in international and local discussions. These presentations may be open to audiologists, students and the general public. Check out these upcoming engagements; we may be in your area!